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Tips on Making Your House More Energy Efficient

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Living in an age where people are conscious about environmental conservation more than ever and, more and more people adopting ecofriendly changes in their lifestyle, it makes sense to think about energy efficiency for your home, for the sake of your loved ones, to do your bit towards Mother Earth, reduce energy costs and your bills, or on a bigger level, combat climate change. A small step in that direction will bring bigger changes in the future!

What is Energy Efficiency?

We may have come across this term – Energy Efficiency, more in the context of modern homes, but how much do we actually know about it?

In simple terms, it means becoming more aware of using energy, of how it is being wasted and what are the ways of using it effectively and efficiently in our everyday lives. We can be more energy efficient by doing the same jobs with using lesser energy, reducing wastage and thus, not only saving on money but also contributing towards a greener planet. Efforts could be as small as turning off lights every time you walk off the room or as big as having a solar panel installed. The objective is – to become consciously aware and implement at least some changes, if not all!

Energy Efficient Improvements

Replace light bulbs to LEDs – Thanks to technology and innovations like LED lighting systems, we can now save as much as 75% on our energy bills as compared to conventional forms of lights. Also, LED lights deliver more lumens per Watt than incandescent bulbs and thus have higher luminous efficiency. In short, they have the potential of changing the future lighting scenario of the world and are worth giving a try!

Install solar panels – Did you know that one hour of sunlight is worth one year’s worth of energy for the entire Earth? Yes, you heard it right! Not only that, solar powered homes can reduce carbon footprints by minimizing CO2 emissions worth 100s of tons. And, if you thought installing solar panels could be expensive, well, consider this – the overall amount you save in investing in solar power is actually where the value lies. Thus, though the initial installation price is high, it will be beneficial in the long run in terms of saving on your energy bills too.

Seal your attic and insulate your walls – Air sealing the attic and filling your walls with insulation is a very cost effective and proven way to retain heat and save on your energy bills. This is very important as around one third of the heat loss from homes is through the walls. In fact, air sealing is the very first thing that you should do to your homes, ensuring that the outside air is out and inside air in. 

Consider cavity walls insulation or solid walls insulation depending upon whether you choose internal or external wall insulation. One point to remember here though – solid walls let twice as much heat escape as cavity walls. Also, solid walls may be more expensive, but you will see a bigger difference on your heating bills for sure!

Insulate your windows – Windows are a major source of heat loss in any home and choosing good quality windows will help in keeping the temperatures steady. Consider investing in energy efficient double-glazed windows as they can help drought proofing them and saving on energy. Not only are they comfortable during winters but also give instant and easy rewards in terms of huge savings on heating bills. Besides, you cannot miss out on increased levels of peace around your cozy abode! 

Check this blog to find more easy ways in stopping draughts – How To Draught-Proof Your Home Ready For Winter|Expert Advice (kloeber.co.uk)

Replace old appliances – Older appliances draw more energy as compared to newer models. Thanks to technology we now have a range of appliances, refrigerators, heaters, television, stoves, washers, air conditioners etc. that are energy star qualified. That means, they are designed to use 10 – 15% less energy and help reduce emission of greenhouse gases as compared to standard appliances. So next time you think about buying new appliances, consider an Energy Star-certified product.

Plant trees around your home – Having deciduous trees around your house helps maintain a shady and cool atmosphere in your home. During the hot summer months, they keep the temperature in your homes pretty comfortable while during fall, the bare tree allows ample sunshine to keep your house warm.

Perform an energy audit – Investing in the services of a certified and trained auditor helps in identifying opportunities and areas that need improvements as far as energy efficiency is concerned. Generally, auditors charge by the square footage of your house or by the hour and evaluate inefficiencies and wasted energy in your home.

To sum up, it may not be possible for everyone to do everything but remember – even a single small step has the potential of creating big differences in the future.Staying informed and aware about the little changes we can make, habits that we can adopt will not only help us save on our energy bills but also make significant contributions for a greener tomorrow!

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