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Get Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage

It is important to get pre-approved or pre-qualified, so you are aware of how much you can afford. One of our mortgage associates will look at your income, down payment and credit, and assess how much you can be approved for. Getting pre-approved will show your realtor you’re serious about purchasing and give you the confidence that you can afford the houses you are viewing.

The Pre-Approval Process

What are the steps for mortgage pre-approval?

Go Through the Pre-Approval Checklist.

Gather the appropriate documents from the checklist. You will need specific documents to start the pre-approval process, and the more information you provide up front the quicker you’ll receive a pre-approval.

Send Documents to Your Mortgage Broker.

Set up a meeting or send your documents to your mortgage broker. They will examine your documents and provide you a maximum pre-approval amount. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have through out the process.

You are ready to look for your new home or property

Enjoy your search for your new home, and reach out to us if you need a referral for a top-notch realtor in your area.

Get Started With Your Pre-Approval Today

Take the first step towards your new property purchase. Simply send us a few details and we will get your started with our pre-approval mortgage kit. No obligation, no pressure.