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Current Mortgage Rates

Our up to date rates.

Feature Rate*


5 Year Fixed*

  • High Ratio Only
  • Bona Fide Sales Clause
  • Conditions Apply

Fixed Rates

6 MONTH 4.25%
1-4 YEAR 1.84%
5 YEAR 1.69%*
6 YEAR 2.84%
7 YEAR 2.34%
10 YEAR 2.99%

A fixed interest rate is an unchanging closed rate.

*conditions apply

Variable Rate

5 YEAR 1.75%
3 YEAR 2.45%
HELOC 2.5%

A variable rate mortgage will fluctuate with the prime rate throughout the mortgage term.

PRIME = 2.45%

Great Mortgage Rates Are Waiting For You

We provide our clients with the most competitive rates and flexible options for their mortgage needs.  We’ll discuss with you the various benefits of different mortgages and help choose the one that fits best with your lifestyle, budget, and financing needs.  We’re here to help so please reach out if you have any questions or want to start the mortgage process.