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More About Mortgages

What to Consider Before Renewing Your Mortgage

Discover important factors to consider before renewing your mortgage. Evaluate your financial situation, explore different mortgage options, start shopping early, secure a favorable rate, and understand the process of switching lenders or refinancing. Make informed decisions for a beneficial mortgage renewal.

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The Benefits of a Cash Back Mortgage

Consider a cash back mortgage to help ease into home ownership without crippling yourself financially. Receive a lump sum of cash from your lender that can be used right away and is tax-free. Learn the benefits and things to consider before choosing this type of mortgage with our guide.

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Using Your RRSP for a Down Payment as a First-Time Homebuyer

Learn how to use your RRSP for a down payment as a first-time homebuyer with the Homebuyers’ Plan (HBP). Borrow up to $35,000 from your RRSP and repay it within 15 years with no tax implications. Consider the pros and cons, including RRSP returns and housing market conditions, before participating in the program.

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What Are Closing Costs?

Don’t let closing costs catch you off guard when buying a home. Learn about the different types of closing costs and how to budget for them in this comprehensive guide.

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